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While delivering any types of service, back office activities accounts for a LARGE percentage of the total workload, requiring efficient systems, skilled workforce, and benchmarked delivery models, which usually ties up client’s resources.

N2N Solutions works one-on-one with our client to manage their back office service, following benchmarked standards.

N2N Solutions provides a complete support to our clients by leveraging the expertise of our skilled workforce and knowledge of our information center for managing various back office services.

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Our Services

Accounting, Sales, and Order Support

Market Research / Survey

Data cleansing, Data Entry, Data Management, and Reporting

Quality Assurance

Email List Management

Payment Processing

Business Intelligence

Over the last 10 years, we have been providing customized back office services for business of all size (small, medium, large & complex) and types of industries – retail, travel, education, telecommunications, and cable communications – helping them reduce operational costs and increase productivity!

Through our highly trained workforce, we make sure that your back office activities such as data entry and payment processing are completed on-time and error-free.

KEY Benefits of Outsourcing Back Office Services to N2N Solutions

Our clients have received the following benefits when they used our back office services:

On-time delivery
Over 98% accuracy level
Operational costs reduced by almost 35%
In-depth business analysis
More happy clients, improved client retention
Dramatic reduction in processing cycle time
High standardized and streamlined business processes
High level of data security and expert IT support

N2N Solutions offers customer back office services 24/7, through one of our on-shore, off-shore, and near shore office locations. We also serve both English and non-English speaking customers.

W'’ll team up with YOU to deliver high quality solutions that will drive your business forward and produce greater results to your bottom-line.

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