Nearsightedness Kills Great Marketing

Don’t be nearsighted. Think for scale and for the extended term. One of the quickest ways to fall from marketing superstardom is to fall victim to nearsightedness. Sacrificing reach for the sake of being targeted is often one of the first symptoms of marketing nearsightedness. For you as a marketer, being nearsighted means thinking about the company results and needs of today only, or even this month.

Marketing superstars see the big picture. They are active competitors in their companies. They break out of their comfort zones and interact with team members from other departments. It is this activity within the company that helps great marketers understand the vision and the direction of the company. This knowledge is priceless. Understanding the direction your company will be taking in the next 6 months, 12 months, or even longer empowers you not only to build reach in these new areas but to create content and all the important aspects of marketing that can help propel new products, services, partnerships, and more.

Put on your glasses. Don’t limit your strategy and vision to the short term. Build reach that is relevant for the state of your business not only today, but also in the future.