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Customer data is an important asset for your business and you need to ensure it is ‘properly’ taken care of. But keeping your customer’s data accurate costs money. So, is it really worth your time and money to check whether an email list you purchased last year is accurate? Yes, it is…

Here’s why you should WORRY about data quality.

It is estimated that the percentage of data that becomes inaccurate is 25% for consumer and 33% for business data. So, as a small business owner, can you afford to spend up to a 3rd of your marketing budget every year? But let’s look at these facts first.

  • Every 2 minutes, a ‘new’ business opens.

  • Every 3 minutes, a business closes.

  • Every minute, a company changes its CEO

  • Every 2 minutes, a company changes its name

  • Every year, over 500,000 people die.

  • Every day, more than 18,000 people move house (that’s over 6.8 million per year).

That’s a whole LOT of change!

This means by the end of each year, one third of your information on business buyers and prospects becomes ineffectual and inaccurate for sales and marketing purposes. Even the most comprehensive, robust, and accurate data you may have today may become worthless tomorrow.

Why Should YOU Choose N2N Solutions for Data Cleansing Services?

Make MORE from your marketing efforts.

The quality of the data (up-to-date and accurate data) plays a significant role in any marketing practice - telemarketing, email, or direct mail. N2N Solutions can cleanse and update your records by calling and verifying the details of the key contact person within the target company as well as capturing their missing details.

Save MORE of your marketing budget.

If information about your contacts are inaccurate, you could lose a sizeable amount of your marketing budget. N2N Solutions’ data cleansing service will ensure that you don’t waste money on contacting people who are unresponsive.

Generate MORE profits from your existing customers.

Your existing customers know you, your products and services, and most importantly, have bought from you in the past. Unlike new prospects, existing customers offer up-selling and cross-selling potential. In addition, marketing to existing customers is notably cheaper than acquiring new customers.

N2N Solutions will make sure your existing customer’s data is accurate so that you can sell them more and increase your company’s profitability.

Retain MORE of your existing customers.

Keeping regular contact with your customers can not only help maintain your brand awareness and generate brand loyalty, but it can also increase customer satisfaction. However, your customers are never going to make that contact first. You’ll have to take the initial step.

N2N Solutions data cleansing service will make sure that you have all necessary information you may require to keep regular contact with your existing customers.

Free up MORE staff time.

Data cleansing is a time and resource consuming process. Setting aside your staff time for it means pulling them away from other important business activities.

N2N Solutions can help your company with a custom data cleansing service.

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