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Data Collection Services | N2N Solutions Any firm or organization requires high quality data (accurate & relevant) for their success, whether it is internal data or data collected from external sources. At N2N Solutions, we have a team of “highly trained” and “certified” professionals who have years (over 05+ years) of expertise in online data collection services.

We understand that YOU need accurate/error-free/relevant data, collected from highly reliable source(s) and documented properly so that it will be instantly available to the respective department of your organization, when they need the most. Our customized online data collection services offers you to select the comprehensive package that suits your UNIQUE needs and budget.

Online Data Collection Services:

Our “flexible” online data collection services are client-oriented and well-documented to meet individual requirements of our clients.

We offer cost-effective data collection services for:

  • PowerPoint and flash presentation

  • eBooks and brochures

  • Cards, coupons, e-catalogues, etc

  • Surveys, bills, applications and registration

  • Encyclopedia, indexes, and directories

  • Manuals, instructions, and reports

  • Financial statement and payroll records

  • Microfilms

  • Graphics, charts, photos, multiple image files, etc

N2N Solutions’ Domain of Expertise:

Our data experts are experienced in handling projects of all types and sizes, serving clients from different industries, including:

  • Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical

  • Hospitality, Education, and Commercial sectors

  • Legal, Marketing, Financial

  • Real Estate and Insurance, among others

N2N Solutions offers both automated and manual online data collection services directly from Pakistan for higher ROI and increased productivity.

Benefits of Using Our Services:

  • Vast Experience: Over 1000+ projects completed successfully in the past 05 years.

  • Quality of Service: We mine and extract raw data from highly reliable source(s) and process it to make it relevant, accurate, and deliver ON TIME, in MS Excel, Word, and other formats.

  • Highly Trained Team: Our highly experienced team of web researchers, web scrapers, and programmers can mine and extract highly relevant data for YOU so that you connect with your prospects fast, saving your precious time, energy, and costs (almost by 40%).

  • Sophisticated Infrastructure: We use advanced web scraping software tools and apps that make the complex task of data collection a breeze!

  • Competitive Pricings: We offer a comprehensive data collection packages that suit your unique project needs and budget.

Our core competencies allows us to deliver flexible, accurate, and highly relevant services at competitive pricings.

Contact N2N Solutions now to learn how we can help you manage your data collection processes by outsourcing your data collection project to us. Easily reach us by sending an e-mail, “Live Chat”, making a phone call (00)(92)-213-4833688, or asking for a FREE quote.

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