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Is your marketing database up-to-date? The KEY to online business success is to maintain an accurate, delivery-driven, and up-to-date email database that ensures all your marketing messages are delivered to ‘right’ buyers and customers.

So, do NOT spend another dime on online marketing campaigns without seeking answers to these questions!

  • Does your marketing database has an up-to-date and accurate information?

  • Have you noticed any decrease in email bounces from your last b2b and b2c campaign?

  • Is your marketing campaigns returning revenues for you, as expected?

  • Have you recently added new email addresses in your marketing database?

If you’ve answered NO to any of the above questions, then you need to immediately take ACTION in order to gain competitive advantage and stay connected with your consumers.

Your marketing database needs extensive e-mail appending RIGHT NOW – the most reliable and popular marketing practice to keep your email database up-to-date and ready for delivery!

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Why Your Business Needs Email Appending Services?

Email appending is the marketing practice of taking non-responsive, inaccurate, and obsolete customer databases and matching its content with a reliable and updated “master database” to correct irregularities – i.e. filling in the missing email-addresses, correcting inaccurate data, and updating it to deliver a database that is both responsive and valid!

Email appending is an on-going process and it needs regular (timely) updates. This ensures that when marketers use their marketing database, they’re able to connect with their targeted market effectively, using both digital and traditional medias!

Small business owners who decided to use email append services, for updating and transforming their databases, have gained GREAT results by:

  • Reaching out to maximum numbers of customers via email and online medias

  • Connecting with old and new customers through expanding database and email communication

  • Reducing marketing costs by spending less on postal and printing campaigns

  • Increasing website traffic

  • Getting higher return on investments via cost-effective email marketing campaigns

Benefits of Using N2N Solutions’ Email Appending Services:

There are many online marketing firms offering email appending services. So, why should you choose N2N Solutions and how can you get benefit? With our services, YOU (our client) will receive:

  • Details of professions from broad range of industry – from IT, healthcare, and manufacturing to banking and finances, etc.

  • Accurate and verified contact details of prospects from US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other nations

  • Complete and updated marketing database that is suitable for B2B and B2C Email Appending.

  • Fast turnaround and delivery for email appending at the most reasonable rates!

  • Marketing databases with opt-in and opt-out options and ready to deliver from the start.

N2N Solutions’ Promise to Deliver…

When our clients come to N2N Solutions for email appending services, we understand that they expect nothing but the BEST! That is why we have staffed a team of highly trained data collation experts who’ll ensure that your database is responsive and up to date.

Once we receive an inaccurate, obsolete, and non-responsive database, we match it with a reliable and up to date "master database", through automated and manual processes, in order to correct inaccuracies – i.e. filling missing e-mail addresses and correcting misspellings.

Once the email appending process is complete, we’ll send out a ‘welcome emails’ to our clients so that they’ll pay for database that contains details of responsive and interested prospects!

At N2N Solutions, we always deliver what we’ve promised our clients! So hurry up and ensure that you’re NOT losing out on another business opportunities because of an ‘inaccurate’ and ‘erroneous’ database!

Contact N2N Solutions for e-append services today and see for yourself what positive difference it makes to your business bottom-line and profits!

TAKE CHARGE of this opportunity and make sure that your marketing database is filled with functional e-mail addresses that is ready to deliver by choosing our e-mail appending services.

Read email appending tips here.

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