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Nadir Qureshi - CEO of N2N

He is the one of the founding members of N2N Solutions who originally came up with a vision of transforming a firm that could offer strategic software solutions and business outsourcing processes (BPO) services to enterprises across the globe.

In addition of being the founding member of the company, he’s also the Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, of the company. He possesses all the qualities of a leader to successfully manage his resources (workforce, infrastructure, tools and technologies) in all types of situations. He is patient, persuasive, and has a keen fondness for creativity.

Over the past 05 years, he has been handling his role effectively by giving the company a firm strategic direction and building new partnerships with new businesses, clients, and employees. He ability to perform leadership role effectively lies in his ability to utilizes his skills, experience, and profound knowledge of the industry, completely.

He is a qualified engineer. His decade of past experience has required him to work in several different position related to his qualification, such as consultant for an IT firm. He have worked with some of the top guns in the industry among others.

When not working, he’s mostly likes to go outdoors, camping, skiing, or playing cricket with his friends. He’s also a writer and loves writing songs and poems.

Nadia Nadir - Co-Founder of N2N

She is one of the two founders of N2N Solutions on which the company’s growth relies on. She has been the co-founder of the firm since the inception of the company in 2009 and been gone through all the HIGHS and LOWS of the industry, gaining immense experience out of the same.

Her area of specialization has always been management/administration and that’s what she looks at N2N Solution. She loves this aspect of the business and has done extensive research, and that reflects in the finesse with which she handles day to day administrative activities. She is not ONLY a great manager, but also a skillful entrepreneur who knows how to direct her resources in a proper channel to achieve utmost results for his company and his clients.

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