Phone Verification Services

Reach out to your customers quickly and efficiently by verifying phone numbers.

Verifying phone numbers is crucial for your business marketing success as it increases the validity of your prospects contact details, and thereby creates an opportunity to improve communication with your customers.

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Benefits of using phone verification services:

  • Instantly verifies the validity of any phone number

  • Gives an assurance that your contact details are accurate

  • Reduces costs that may occur with data re-work and mismanagement

  • Phone verification services can be paired with address verification software to generate a comprehensive data validation package.

A phone verification service allows businesses to quickly and efficiently reach out to their customers by verifying phone numbers. A phone verification service determines the validity of any phone number by running it through a number of algorithms.

Numbers are entered into a database or form and run through a series of algorithm, which returns the information regarding the validity of that particular number, along with the accept or reject response.

Before picking up a phone, every contacts in the lead list has to be verified!

N2N Solutions highly trained phone verification experts will call all accounts in the list and manually identify key decision makers based on the role and job titles you specify.

Receive a high quality list that leads to a high connect rate with your business prospects.

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Benefits of Choosing N2N Solutions for Phone Verification Services:

Here are few benefits of choosing N2N Solutions for phone verification services:

  • Increase your connect rate with your prospects

  • Pre-approve and verify all accounts in your lead list

  • Discover new prospects based on their job roles and titles

  • Receive manually phone-verified service

  • Get leads from English speaking countries – UK, US, Canada, Australia – and other countries

  • 100% confidentiality of your company’s name

The best part of outsourcing phone verification services to us is that there’s no monthly set up fee! You simply pay per project or number of leads you need. If you have existing contacts, we’ll take those into account so that you’ll ONLY pay for ‘new’ leads.

Plus, we maintain 100% confidentiality of our customers. We will never share your prospects details with others while building an up to date lead lists for you.

We’ll do ALL the research (updating and verifying contacts) for YOU so that you can focus on the sales pitch, setting up meetings with your prospects, and closing for sales.

If you want to generate MORE sales through your marketing efforts, you need to try our phone verification services today.

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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