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The quality of the product and the timing to market it can make ALL the difference between the success and failure. Poor Quality Assurance (QA) practices can increase risks, potentially lowering the VALUE of your product(s) and an overall customer dissatisfaction. We, at N2N Solutions, can eliminate risks by helping you improve your company’s QA practices.

We offer a comprehensive QA support to manage your entire QA process, offering you a complete control and analysis.

Depending on your requirements, you can either hire our QA development team on a PART-TIME or FULL-TIME basis (available through our “Exclusive Client Team” model), or even scale the team to meet your needs.

Our highly trained QA engineers can work as an part of your organization helping you to IMPROVE the quality of your products (web, mobile, & software solutions), all the while ensuring cost-effective test cycles.

We include QA process from the very beginning of the web, app, or software development cycle, offering a productive testing environment and ensuring that ONLY error-free products are released. This allows us to successfully fulfill your QA needs as well as help us deliver products ON-TIME and UNDER BUDGET.

N2N Solutions’ QA Services Include:

Depending on your requirements, we offer these QA services to you:

  • Functional Testing –Evaluating, testing, and verifying your system’s existing functionality to its actual requirements

  • Integration Testing - Combining each program units to perform as a single component to ensure reliability, functionality, and performance between them

  • Regression Testing - Confirming that newly added features/changes do NOT harm the functionality of the existing system

  • User Acceptance Testing - Confirming that user(s) has accepted that the system works as expected and has met their requirements.

  • Exploratory Testing - Finding out bugs without creating the tests itself

  • Non-Functional Testing - Ensuring the usability, performance, security, load, scalability, and compliance of the system

  • Test Automation - Automating testing activities and setting up test preconditions to control the execution of tests

Our QA engineers use industry’s most advanced tools for testing. For example, we use Firebug, Slenium, SoapUI, among many others. However, they can adjust themselves to work with any tools you suggest or choose.

In addition to these basic QA services, N2N Solutions also offers:

  • Training for test-driven software, app, and web development

  • Integration services with systems such as “Jenkins” (http://jenkins-ci.org/)

  • One-click deployment; automation of building process

  • Integration with “Sonar” – a code quality tool

Our QA Engineers’ role is not just limited to reporting errors and bugs to the developers. They can offer more!

Our QA engineers can team up with your in-house developers, discussing acceptance polices and writing unit test cases. This helps us to resolve any lack of clarity, paving a way for greater efficiency and earlier feedbacks from all parties involved. QA support throughout the project development cycle results in identifying errors in the early stages which helps us deliver an bug-free and reliable system(s).

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Web and application (apps)

  • Desktop apps

  • System apps

  • Mobile apps

Why N2N Solutions’ QA Services?

  • Over 10+ years of expertise in QA and software application testing.

  • Our strategic QA software testing approach allows us to identify the BIG picture quickly and deliver quality product.

  • Both automated and manual testing combined to offer agile testing environment.

  • Shared time zones allows you to collaborate and do business with your extended team at ease.

Our QA engineers have the ‘right’ technical expertise and diverse skills to offer a complete QA support to you. We use latest software tools, technology, and best practices for the QA lifecycle by initiating testing during your project development process, allowing your system to be thoroughly tested before handing them to you.

This not only helps us speed up the entire software development cycle, but also reduces overall development costs, and offers highest degree of client satisfaction.

Learn how N2N Solutions’ QA services can benefit you.

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