'Targeted' Contact List Development Services

List development services is the most important aspect of any marketing campaign and is strictly focused on the quality, rather than quantity, of the contact information in the list.

This is the area where the greatest investment must be made (time, effort, and money), as it will help drive the results you’ve been looking for.

N2N Solutions is here to help you manage your business’ non-core activities. Outsourcing tasks such as targeted list development will not only free up your resources, but also help you and your sales team to FOCUS on key business activities such as generating revenues and profitability for your company.

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Input components of ‘targeted’ list development:

  • Mailing List of existing customers

  • Mailing List of past marketing leads and prospects

  • New list using N2N’s in-house capabilities - national database from MORE than 30+ expert list providers, software tools that allows custom and targeted list to be generated

Our List Development Services:

N2N Solutions offers two types of list development services:

  • Targeted mailing list and

  • Bulk e-mail list

We offer these two list development services to deliver custom and targeted…

  • B2B mailing list and

  • B2C mailing list

Our targeted mailing list development services can offer customer mailing list for medical personnel, insurance agents, physicians, mortgage brokers, University faculty/ students, lawyers, accountants, landscape contractors, etc.

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Benefits of Using Mailing List Development Services:

  • Mailing list development, let’s say, is an effortless way of staying informed, sharing ideas, and asking questions.

  • You can gain valuable tips, insights, and knowledge on tackling specific problems you may have, or face.

  • N2N Solutions can create and manage your database, making them up-to-date and accurate using our expertise, tools, and other resources.

  • Mailing list is one of the best ways of connecting with your ‘target’ customers and also finding the potentials ones. At N2N Solutions, you can easily find and ‘target’ your customer as we offer these customized solutions such as: List updating, suppression, key coding, data cleansing, customer list enhancement, etc.

  • With a ‘targeted’ mailing list at your disposal, you are NEVER required to write a separate mail for each person in the list. It will be sent to multiple recipients, at once.

Other benefits that you may get include:

  • Easy access to highly relevant and accurate information.
  • Ability to ask any questions and receive answers, without any charge.
  • You FREE UP more time, energy, and save money
  • You become familiar with the latest web "buzz."

You see, without a relevant and accurate contact list, your sales efforts becomes laborious, cumbersome, and inefficient. Good mailing list pave the way for a sales team’s MAXIMUM efficiency.

N2N Solutions’ team of “highly skilled” data experts can save your business from the laborious task of researching your ‘target’ companies and gathering and processing contact details of the businesses/companies.

Our cost-effective ‘targeted’ mailing list development services ensures that you’ll receive a ready-to-deliver contact list of specific group(s).

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In addition to ‘targeted’ list development services, N2N Solutions also offers:

  • Online Web Research

  • Contact List Development

  • Virtual Assistance

  • Back Office Services

  • And much, much more

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