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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a management strategy that helps business to achieve higher operational excellence and gain competitive advantage by outsourcing business processes to an external company that handles, improves, and manages processes based on predefined goals and needs.

Today, BPO is expanding more than twice the rate because of the high quality and low cost services resulting from globalization, especially through the use of workforces at remote countries (particularly in South Asia) where the living costs is relatively lower than western countries (US, UK, Canada, & Australia).

N2N Solutions is a US based company with its BPO center in Pakistan. N2N offers comprehensive IT solutions, especially for small, medium, and Fortune 1000 companies. N2N uses industry standard software tools and technologies to provide custom value added BPO services to our customers.

We analyze your existing business process and make it more efficient by performing specific functions, thereby, adding greater value to your organization. To accomplish this goal, we simply don’t offload business functions off your shoulder, but we plan, design, and enhance processes as well. Your entire outsourced resources (people, processes, and technology) will be managed efficiently utilizing our proven BPO practices, ensuring the success of both the initial and future deployment of the entire program.

Our Value Added Services:

Some of the most commonly outsourced value added services include:

  • Back office services – IT Helpdesk, Payments, Claims, Transaction processing, Billing, Orders, Document verification, Product registration, HR, Warranty processing, Loan applications, Benefits management, Payroll processing, Accounting, General ledger, Tax Auditing, Accounts Receivable, Account Payable, etc.

  • Customer Support – In-bound/Out-bound sales and support

  • Phone based – call centers, Web based - chat, e-mail

  • Data research and integration – Web research, Data mining, Data extraction, Data validation, Data entry, Data storing, Back office operation, Web design and multimedia, Web development, SEO, etc

Benefit of Using N2N Value Added Services:

N2N can help you:

  • Improve your business efficiency and reducing costs

  • Improve quality of your services and products

  • Enhance your competitiveness

  • FOCUS on your company’s core strengths

  • Increase your product/services value

N2N Data Security Plan:

Data security is number one priority for us. You can rest assured knowing that N2N understands and respects your need for confidentiality, absolute integrity, and 24/7 accessibility to the information we process and manage for you.

Our comprehensive security plan includes secured workstations, secured networks (including data encryption using Virtual Private Network, or VPN), access security, and physical security, ensuring full security and 24/7 accessibility to the information we manage and process, whenever you may need it.

In addition to our data security plan, we also frequently back up data, protect all systems with passwords, need controlled access to your key facilities, and require background checks before hiring someone new.

N2N BPO Methodology:

N2N has over 10 years of experience working with Fortune 1000 companies in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. We have highly trained people, necessary infrastructure, domain knowledge, advanced software tools and technology, and a proven BPO methodology to handle all your BPO requirements.

N2N’s BPO methodology includes:

  • Team building and transition

  • Documentation and process planning

  • Establishing IT systems and training the trainer

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