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N2N Solutions builds websites for SUCCESS.

Complexity transformed into a simple solution, thereby, creating a powerful and dynamic web applications that is capable of handling… anything!

N2N Solutions uses BEST programming practices, structured framework programming, and coding standards and guidelines.

As the web technology continuously evolves and the programming world changes to keep up with the world’s ever growing technological demands, N2N Solutions continuously keeps track of the latest trends in the development community. We constantly IMPROVE ourselves to offer best development solutions to our clients.

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What We Offer

One of N2N Solutions’ biggest strengths is versatility. N2N Solutions’ web development team is experienced in almost ALL types of web application technologies, including:

  • Blogs and forums

  • eCommerce development

  • Content management systems (CMS)

  • Social Networking development

  • Online reservations, booking, and ticketing

  • And much, much more…

Web Development Features

  • The N2N Solutions Web development team uses a comprehensive project management system to IMPROVE the communication and delivery with the client throughout the web development process.

  • The programming logic and actions are separated from the layout or interface design (HTML and CSS), which makes it easy for any designer to make design changes without any programming knowledge.

  • Web applications are built on modules, libraries, and tools, letting N2N Solution’s web development team or any other programmer to quickly and easily implement advanced features and functionality.

  • Structured programming that N2N Solutions uses helps produce some of the best practice coding that follow consistent logic and minimum programming standards, that allows other developers the ability to become familiar with the code in the shortest amount of time.

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Web Application Frameworks

N2N Solutions utilizes the most advanced frameworks for versatility, future compatibility, simplicity, and for object-oriented best practices.

Based on each client’s needs, N2N Solutions helps them select the best programming framework for the web development project(s).

Here are some of the best web application development frameworks that N2N Solutions specializes in:

  • CodeIgniter PHP Framework

  • Django Python Framework

  • Symfony PHP Framework

  • Zend PHP Framework

  • .NET Framework

  • Ruby on Rails

Programming Languages

N2N Solution also offers web development services in the following programming languages. We help our client select the best programming language suited for each client’s needs:

  • PHP / MySQL

  • Python

  • C, C#, Objective-C

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • Ruby

Over 10+ Years of Experience

N2N Solutions has been building customized, dynamic, and interactive enterprise level web apps since the early days of the Internet.

N2N Solution builds website for you SUCCESS.

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